November Free Website & Marketing Contest

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This contest is exclusively for folks with a tax exempt, non-profit organization in the United States. Here are the rules, you can sign up below:

1. All entries must be located in the United States and be comfortable working remotely, unless you’re in Denver.

2. Entries must consist of United States recognized 501 (c)(3) organizations with or without an existing website.

3. 1 entry per person but you can have friends, families and supporters submit an entry for your non-profit.

4. You cannot be an existing non-profit customer of Geek Media.

What the winner will receive:

1. Free Domain name for your non-profit (if you don’t already have a website address).

2. Free WordPress Website and Email Hosting for 1 year.  Up to 5 email addresses.

3. Free MailChimp Newsletter Marketing Account with up to 2,000 email subscribers.

4. Integration of Google Analytics & Jetpack Analytics.

5. Custom design of new WordPress website or redesign of existing website. WordPress, of course.

6. Social Media account creation and integration into the website with proper profile and cover imagery.

7. Contact Form and Google Map on Contact page.

8. Homepage design to include 2 dynamic sliders.

9. Up to 20 informational pages with content supplied by the contest winner.

10. Up to 5 pieces of stock photography.

11. Website will be Ecommerce capable with WooCommerce integration into WordPress website.

12. Website will use Stripe as the merchant account, created by contest winner and integrated into WooCommerce.

13. Website will have basic shipping options (flat rate per item / per order, free shipping) should you want to sell some super cool Non-profit swag.

14. Donation page creation with contest winner supplied content. Donation page can either link to a contest winner supplied website (PayPal, GoFundMe, etc) or the website itself can receive donations directly.  Contest winner is responsible for declaring earnings and sorting out taxes at year end.

15.  This is a big one.  The winner of our contest will receive Free Grant acquisition, setup and management of Google For Non-Profits Ad Grant program. Basically we fill out some forms, create a few accounts and and get Google to donate $10,000 a month in free pay per click advertising.

How it works

The organization with the most unique entries wins. Contest starts right now, entries accepted through 11/12/17 at 11:59pm.  Winner announced on 11/13/17 via email, our blog and social media.  Be ready to get started! 🙂

That’s it.  Enter here!

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