Summer Trolley Website Launch

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Cute website and logo we worked up for the free summer trolley coming to Hull this summer. If you're in Boston this summer take the ferry to Pemberton Pier and the Hull O Summer Trolley will take you the rest of the way to Nantasket Beach.  One of the best beaches near Boston with lots of great places to eat! Website URL:

Hull PorchFest 2018 Launch

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So excited about this one.  We worked with founder Tom Hardey and organized the new website for the upcoming Hull PorchFest 2018.  Built on Wordpress, this site features an online store, donation system and several forms that allow folks to register for the event.  HPF is being held on Saturday, September 8th! Website URL: Here are a couple of screenshots from the homepage:  

November Free Website & Marketing Contest

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This contest is exclusively for folks with a tax exempt, non-profit organization in the United States. Here are the rules, you can sign up below: 1. All entries must be located in the United States and be comfortable working remotely, unless you're in Denver. 2. Entries must consist of United States recognized 501 (c)(3) organizations with or without an existing website. 3. 1 entry per person but you can have friends, families and supporters submit an entry for your non-profit. 4. You cannot be an existing non-profit customer of Geek Media. What the winner will receive: 1. Free Domain name

Apple iPad Pro Keyboard

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It’s no secret that we love the Apple iPad. We’ve had just about every iteration of this product from the standard sized iPad, iPad Mini and most recently the 12.9” iPad Pro.  Some of our work we can take with us, especially emails and content creation.  What’s not to love about the Verizon data activated iPad? When working on an iPad, especially with iOS 11.0.3 and the nuances with the keyboard update, the ONLY way to work effectively on an iPad Pro is with the iPad Pro Keyboard. The keyboard itself is powered by the iPad battery so you don't

Our sweet Rachel has passed away

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Rachel Eileen von Tungeln, 16. May 18, 2000 – April 8th, 2017 Rachel von Tungeln was the daughter of Kat Wasabi, owner of Geek Media. Rachel passed away on Saturday night at home under the kind care of Denver Hospice as a result of complications of Juvenile Batten Disease. Rachel was diagnosed in 2009. With the help of our customers and customers of The Good Geeks, we held 3 Road Races (Team Rachel Race 4 A Cure) and raised over $100,000 for Batten Disease Research. Rachel is forever free of her disease, blindness, and her wheelchair. Rachel is survived by

Get your website secured with SSL certificate, soon!

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Google Chrome's newest update, version 56, is about to be released. It will include a warning for non-HTTPS websites which websites that don't use an SSL certificate. If your website is not using SSL, Google Chrome will label your website as "not secure." Get your certificates installed! Let us know if you need help!

WordPress 4.6 Upgrade Imminent

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Just wanted to give a heads up to our customers that many sites are being upgraded to Wordpress 4.6 within the next couple of days.  Wordpress 4.6 is the latest and most stable version of Wordpress to date.  It is very important to keep your Wordpress websites up to date to prevent potential site hacks or attacks.  We've been cleaning up several sites that have outdated plugins and Wordpress versions which have not only inserted malicious code but deleted and modified files. Give us a shout if you have any questions or need help cleaning your site up.

Google Adwords Custom Scheduling

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Geek Media decided to put together a mini series of short articles to give you some of the highlights of the awesome features that Google Adwords has to offer. We decided to start with custom ad scheduling because it’s very effective and a money saver for clients with a smaller budget. Google Adwords automatically sets your ads to run 24/7 and will spend your budget until it runs out. With ad scheduling you can specify that certain ads only run certain days of the week or certain times of the day or only your during business hours. Letting your ads